Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Lose 25 Pounds Fast

May i start by informing you that it is possible to lose 25 pounds and even more just by taking to a healthy lifestyle,exercising more and keeping a sensible diet.I would rather be telling you a diet method that can help lose these pounds faster.

This way of losing pounds is called calorie shifting method.It a way by which you stay away from the biggest hurdle of most diet which is the slowing metabolism.

The most popular ways of going about losing weight is that you will be told to stop eating foods high in calories like fats and carbs.Well,initially this can work to burn up excess fats but it can slow down your metabolism to a very large extent that you see a gradual reduction in weight and you may gain more weight when you stop the dieting.I think it is important you want not to just lose 25 pounds but more and avoid getting them back.You can get this done by constantly shifting your calories in order to give you a metabolic maintenance state.Thought,this might sound somewhat scientific,but it works.

There are 2 calorie shifting diets in the market for you to do that.They are Fat loss 4 Idiot and Yay Food.They each have their advantages and disadvantages,but fat loss 4 idiot has proven to more effective.Yay food could provide the kick start and help you need to lose some pounds.
You may be wondering if you can really lose 25 pounds in amount using these 2 diet.My answer is that it is varies with each person.For some they may lose 25 pounds in 6 months some may be 25 pounds in 2 months or 6 weeks for others.To me,a month is more unrealistic though it may take some time ,you can still loss a considerable weight.

i recommend you used Fat loss 4 Idiot since it has been proven to help lose 25 pounds fast.
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