Saturday, March 19, 2011

How To Lose 5 Pounds In a Week

A common problem for most people is obesity and many having this problem will find ways on how to lose 5 pounds in a week.Nonetheless,you don't fight obesity but trying to fight the extra weight you have.That is completely wrong if you go that way. you need to know that losing weight is not the same as losing fat.

Some people will tell you that he or she cut down to five pounds, this does not mean he or she has lost five pounds of excess fat.It does not work that way.Your body weight is a total measure that include your fat, bones, muscles, internal organs and various body fluids.

Take for example. you eat and drink a lot on a certain day, so much that you couldn't eat or drink anything the next day.You then go on to check out your weight the next day, you weight loss would have been in large quantity. -up to five pounds or more.That tells you that fasting a day had helped to take five pounds.The question then is how much of the pounds lost is fat?
What has happened is that all the weight loss is as a result of using up the nutrients, removing undigested foods you had eaten the previous day and losing water through sweat, urination and moisture you breathes in.That the gives you total weight lost: five pounds, total fat lost: nothing or zero.

Let take this other example, if you are in a hot weather, your body will lose some water owing to sweating.A lot of water can be lost when it is not hot by taking diuretics.Considering that circumstances, you could lose 5 pounds or even more, but the fat lost will be zero.

Hear this, some charlatan dieticians may use this effect describe to swindle their clients, they tell their clients they would lose five pounds that way.They may also put together certain diuretic-laced drinks or cocktails as excess weight medication in order to make their patient happy about cutting down the excess weight.This weight loss solutions could have laxatives.This is right since many obese people are constantly having constipation and this method would make them to lose five pounds.Therfore,it is normal that removing their bowels regularly will bring about weight loss.Once again, i will say that the weight lost doesn't have any effect on losing fat.

Just as i have explained earlier, you can lose weight much more faster than fat.Let see, can one lose five pounds really by losing fat alone?This is achievable on the kind of diet chosen by the person.Any curative fat loss diet has a purpose of making a negative energy balance and trigger the body to use up its store of fat.

For instance, for you to maintain a body weight level, you must take food that must be equal to the amount of energy used.To experience weight loss, you will have to create a negative energy balance, that is use up more energy than you have in your body.
The following diets classification shows the size of the day to day calorie intake they allow for;

1.Regular Diet means that the calorie you take in daily approximately equals the body daily requirement,1700-2,200 calorie.Taking such diet, the negative energy balance would be about 200-500 calorie a day, therefore the body will gradually lose weight in 20-50 grams daily increasingly.
2.Reduced Calorie Diet;Taking 1,200-1,500 calorie, negative balance will be 500-900 calorie daily fat loss which is about 50-100 grams.
3.Rigid Diet:Take 400-800 calorie daily, negative balance is 1,400-1,800 calorie daily fat loss which is about 200 grams.

It is noteworthy that regular diet is not a popular way of losing weight because the loss of fat takes place at a very slow rate.Thus, you can't lose 5 pounds in a week that way.Taking Rigid diet would bring about weight loss much faster, but a lot of people find it painful.Consequently,they go the way of calorie diet.

The total fasting method one its part work in such a manner that the body will receives no nutrients but only water.This quite popular because it is easier than the rigid diet and one can lose five pounds fast.

Let me ask you this:Did weight loss takes place on account of fat?No,not at all.When you fast, you uses up very little energy, that is 1,800-2,00 calorie daily at most, thus bringing about a loss of about 200g of fat

Any other weight loss results from expending energy from other soft tissues.Some could come through the reduction of muscle mass because the protein in the muscles is the only nutrient capable of changed into glucose.

During fasting, the body will be forced to expend muscle tissue to convert protein into glucose.The glucose will function to synthesize a catalyst for the Krebs cycle, this is the process for producing energy in your body. The body fat acts as a fuel within the Krebs cycle, but a catalyst that is synthesized from glucose is used to burn the fuel.

The unfortunate thing here is that glucose get used up gradually, and this will need to be restored.When fasting, you have total weight loss being much more than fat loss. Therefore, if you decide to fast, don't believe that quick weight loss will bring about the lose five pounds in a week you desire since you haven't lost fat as much.

As i said earlier, only 200 gram of fat loss each day will you have.I think we can now answer the question asked earlier, that is how fast can you reduce your weight really by losing fat alone?The answer is 200 g per day at most.If your fat loss is more than that ,try to discover what would have caused that.

For certainty, going the rigid diet could cause an actual weight loss that may exceed the theoretical 200 g.That means the body is expending more of the soft tissue.In that situation, you need to revise your daily rations to ensure that your body is getting enough carbohydrates to synthesize enough catalyst for the Krebs cycle, instead of using the protein from its soft tissue.


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