Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lose 20 Pounds:3 Easy Steps To Take

Losing weight is something that almost everyone has in mind. However, if you do plan to lose some weight at a phenomenal rate, you may end up harming your body. The following are some simple but effective ways, you can easily lose 20 pounds of body mass at a steady pace, without harmful side effects for your body.

1.Diet: Eat smaller meals more often try to distribute your food intake and calorie intake in a number of meals throughout the day. A good number to aim for is 5 meals and snacks per day. Be sure to reduce the size of each meal, since with smaller meals your body can convert to energy much more efficiently. Your metabolism is also enhanced by eating more meals in a day. This effectively turns your body into a calorie burning machine.

By eating more often your body will not starve and thus its largest food cravings also reduced. Some experts suggest that the best practice is to have a small meal after every three to four hours. This allows the body uses fat already present, which helps you lose 20 pounds. A pair of heavy meals can result in slower metabolism rates and therefore the accumulation of fat and weight gain.

2.Cardio and Resistance Exercises: Try to enjoy good cardio and strength training. While resistance training can be a bit challenging for people, cardiovascular exercise is easy and very effective in helping to lose 20 pounds. You can even try Yoga or Pilates. This will help increase metabolic rate and leave you with a healthy and fit body. These exercises will also help you achieve a shapely body with toned muscles.

3.Get enough sleep:This is another important factor that can greatly help with weight loss. People who get less sleep experience weight gain more often than others. By having adequate sleep of 6 to 7 hours will keep your body working efficiently, keeping fit and active.

Keep these factors in mind and you can successfully lose 20 pounds of body weight without having any harmful side effects

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