Saturday, April 30, 2011

Choosing cholesterol Free Foods

To some extent many people know the effects of bad cholesterol in the body.Bad cholesterol here is the low density lipoprotein's molecular transport that is deposited that results in the thickening of the arteries walls thus obstructing the free passage of blood.This in turn affect the atherogenic status of the arterial walls.Although some people don't appreciate the vital role of cholesterol in the body,this non-soluble substance is key to the building of membranes of bile,cell walls ,nerve sheaths and creates hormones.

Nevertheless,taking too much of cholesterol could lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases or cause atherosclerosis,disposition of fatty substances and fibrosis of the inner arteries.

The ways of checking and reducing the high levels of cholesterol are
Practicing healthy eating habits
having regular exercise
indulgence in wrong eating lifestyle causes high level of cholesterol.

The Good eating habits comprises;
1.Pre-planning a complete cholesterol free regular diet by making a whole week menu with vegetable-packed recipes.This could go along with great supply of fiber-filled fruits.You can also buy or produce organically food types from sources such as organic gardens,which is okay.Do know that chemical increase cholesterol level while carbohydrates would be of high complex standards.

There are some stores that have many fresh organic vegetables like lettuce available for sale.If you eat high-fiber of vegetables,it will reduce the LDL cholesterol,because they have low cholesterol content,or they might not have any at all.However there are low level lipoprotein that develop to be a great risk as they settle in the arteries in the blood stream.

2.If you have egg in your meals,do take more of the white not the egg yolk especially if you LDC in your system.Focus on the intake of baked food that are made from whole wheat, and noodles made from cereals.For your beverages,use unrefined sugars.this because fully refined food preparations are done through certain chemicals for fine effects but are dangerous to your health.

3.Drink more doesn't harm.You should take at least 8 glasses of water daily in order to help in the total digestion process to give a balanced equilibrium in cleaning the body and boost blood circulation.

4.Eat more of root crops that are natural instead of artificially made or baked foods that are prepared with certain additives,coloring,and extenders for commercial purposes.

5.Take fresh fruits juices in place of manufacture soft drinks that has high sugar content as well as artificial colorings and additives.If you take chocolate beverage or any chemical drinks or caffeine-filled strong coffee,you surely are endangering your health.

Always bear in mind that trans fat and hydrogenated fats or oils used in baking or food processing are more dangerous than some saturated fats.The use of olive oil though costly,is the safest oil to use in your cooking in order to guard against the harmful effect of high level cholesterol.

So,ensure you regularly check up on your cholesterol level in order to safeguard yourself against an unexpected increase that could be disastrous to your health.

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