Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating The Right Food In Order To Lower Your Cholesterol

Our society is fast becoming an obese one.With the rising trend of eating in fast food stores,we are gradually clogging our arteries with avoidable fats and cholesterol that our bodies don't really need.

The consequences of this is that we have high increase of people suffering from cholesterol complication such as heart diseases,diabetes,hypertension and overweight problems.Really,one of the most prevalent disease in recent times is hypertension which can result in heart attack if not properly taken care of.

How do we then reduce our cholesterol levels?You need to know that the truly effective solution is the combination of regular exercise and proper diet.These two are like Siamese twins which cannot be separated for one to successfully see lower his cholesterol levels.If you diet without having exercise,your muscle will become weak and thus waken your resistant level.

Also,there is the issue of fatigue and sore muscles due to inadequate nutrients in your body.If you exercise without having the proper diet,it would lead to stagnancy in weight.You won't gain any weight neither will you lose any weight.

In addition,if you exercise too much this would cause strain in the muscles and could cause to a likely heart attack because of the heart strain.

To fight this, you have to eat food that would lower the cholesterol levels and help guard against having hypertension.

1.Eat Less Oil

The first thing is the you should avoid food that are deep-fried or those cooked with oil.Don't eat food such as potato chips,fries,fried meat,fries seafoods,fried veggies and so on.

When you take much oil and it get into your system,it changes into cholesterol.So,you need to eat food that are steamed,boiled,baked and can also eat grilled food in little quantity.

2,Eat Less Meat

Meat contains a lot of fats that has cholesterol.It is advisable you stay away from eating too much of meat.If you can't ensure you remove the fats that hang on the side.It is better you eat chicken and turkey meat which is much healthier.If you do eat,see that you remove the skin because there much cholesterol on the skin.

3.Eat Vegetables

Eating vegetables is great as it doesn't has nay cholesterol.It is also fantastic as a source of fibers that help to digest we eat in the body.

Steam your vegetables much as possible in order to maintain the nutrient in it and avoid taking fatty and cholesterol additives such as oils.

4.Eat Less

Put ion your appetite in check by gradually eating less food than you usually eat.If you can't do that,you can eat healthy snacks like fruits.

Don't take too much of carbohydrates by eating food such as rice,cereals and bread.If you want to eat these food,you can eat healthier kind such as brown rice and wheat bread.

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