Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Diet That Can Lower Cholesterol

James a bubbling young man full of life went for a test as part of his annual routine examination.He love to exercise regularly and do love eating too.But this was about to tun a new twist when he received the result of the test.

It showed that the LDL known as the bad cholesterol was way too higher than the good cholesterol called HDL.The Doctor told him that if he doesn't make the necessary changes,he would have high blood pressure,heart attack and a stroke.

As a father of two kids,he was really bothered as this could stop him from providing for his family.As i said earlier,James was used to working out twice daily,the Doctor told him to do it more often.That is he would be working out four times a week and taking part in activities that would lower the cholesterol levels.

One thing you need to know is that no matter the number of times you exercised,if you don't change the food you eat,it will amount to nothing.The Doctor told my friend James to change his diet because there would be no changes if the burn burnt is taking back into his body.

James was referred to a Dietician.They both had a long discussion about the food that was bad and which he needs to reduce.He was told to replace the food with much healthier one in order to lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Great as the plan is as simple,James needs to eat foods that is low in fat and take more of carbohydrates.For breakfast,he was told to eat the yellow portion instead of the white part.In place of taking coffee in the morning,he would have to take unsweetened tea.Even if he had to take cereals with his kids,he have to have it with milk that has no fat at all.

At lunch time,James was advise to eat heavy food.He could east chicken but without the skin.The amount of steak should be cut down and mixed with lots of vegetables and side dishes.

Although it took James to adapt to this new ways of eating,he had to just abide by this new diet plan to save his life.Even when he is hungry in the afternoon,rather than taking donuts or snacks having sugar,he would take carrots or apples.He also need to avoid taking cola with snack and take water or fruit juice,i mean the real fruit juice not artificial one.

During dinner,James is to eat fish or pasta with some sidings.Ans she has to sleep for 6-8 hours in order not to be tempted to eat more.He takes a drink of red wine instead of drinking beer.

After abiding strictly to this diet plan,on the next checkup the Doctor told him that the LDL was much lower than the HDL,which is good for him.This diet plan James went through is not just the wishy washy many in the market.It did took him sometime to find the right diet program to win the battle against high cholesterol.

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