Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Learning The Proper Diet To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the notable killer substances that bring about heart attacks,high blood cholesterol levels and weight troubles.In spite of the bad image that has been attributed to it over the years,this fat-like substances made by the liver serves a great deal of important functions that many of us don't know.

There are two types of cholesterol namely;they are the low-density lipoprotein(LDL) and the High-density Lipoprotein(HDL).The LDL is the bad type that make our blood vessel get clogged as a result this causes increase in the risk for heart attack or heart disease.Research carried out has shown that a diet that is highly saturated in fat is the principal dietary cause of an increased in LDL cholesterol level.

The HDL cholesterol on its part is the good type that helps to remove the LDL cholesterol out of our blood stream,thus lowering the risk for any heart disease.Researches has revealed that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables as well as the average levels of omega 3 from fish oil do in big way increase cholesterol levels.

Even though diet is the major reason for having high cholesterol levels,experts has said that factors like activity,obesity,unhealthy lifestyle like excessive drinking and smoking,hormones and different high and low cholesterol levels cab cause the unexpected increase of cholesterol levels in the body.

As a matter of fact,cholesterol is an increasing problem as it concerns peoples health of alot of people in the world.Medical experts say that people over the age of 20 years need to be more concerned about their cholesterol levels,as a result they should begin to do things that will lower LDL cholesterol.Though it may be hard to maintain the needed requirement and routine to fight against the increasing problem,experts says that it be checked with proper diet to lower cholesterol.

Also,studies has revealed that a good diet to reduce cholesterol can cut down a person's risk for heart diseases while removing he bad fats.That is why it is important to eat healthy food that is good for the heart.Besides eating proper and proven low cholesterol diets that is available,the most crucial is to know the right foods and effective cholesterol routine that would help to lower cholesterol levels.

Experts says that diets that lower cholesterol includes foods like grains,that is whole grain products and cereals,fish rich in omega 3 like salmon and tune,different kind of fruits and leafy vegetables,nuts,juices and the like.Below are other ways to lower cholesterol through your diet;

1.Get ton your doctor before trying out any low cholesterol diets in order for him or her to give you the proper check and access your general health status.

2.Avoid eating refined carbohydrates that is found in bakery products,pastas,sugary and sugar-added foods.

3.Take saturated fat with ply unsaturated fat in meat,chicken and whole milk products as this help lower cholesterol levels.

4.When you are eating out,ensure that you tell the waiter to make serving substitutions like steamed or boiled food preparations.If you can,choose lean meat,fish or skinless chicken that is broiled,baked grilled,steamed,or poached instead of having it fried and get many vegetables side dishes and fresh fruits desserts.

5.Reduce your intake of eggs,margarine,or butter in your daily diet.

6.Natural based oils such as vegetables,corn and olive oils when you cook your food should be used in place of cooking oil.

7.Take a lot of garlic in your dishes because it has substances that help to lower HDL cholesterol.

8.Eat food that has high quality of vitamin mineral supplement like vitamin E in order to boost your blood circulation,vitamin C and vitamin B3 to reduce the high cholesterol levels.

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