Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes and The pH Miracle Diet

You may not know but i will tell you that diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.More scary is that it is the leading cause of death for children.The increasing rate of obesity in the U.s and brought about the rise in type 2 diabetes also known as adult onset diabetes.In recent times,every one in 12 adults suffers from this disease.That means that over 16 millions people have the disorder with about 6 million people that ignorant and undiagnosed of their sensitive insulin condition.

The type 2 diabetes is cause by rise in aging,obesity,poor nutrition,high stress and physical inactivity.These conditions can be traced back to just one source which is high acidity.Excessive acid intake do have harmful effect on our health.That is why there is an increase in diabetes rate in the country.

Diabetes is a age long condition that has been around for thousand years and in recent times it has become an epidemic.One thing that is worrying is that the nature of diabetes is a mystery.Many don't understand what insulin does in the body and how its metabolism affect our health.Medical science found it difficult to ascertain the true nature of this condition.

Many medical experts believe that obesity is the main cause of diabetes.However,obesity is caused by the increased intake of complex carbohydrates and simple sugars that comes from the acidifying foods of sugar and processed wheat.Thus leading to high acidity in the body.The body do make attempt to fight this increase by using fat to neutralize the acid.The fat is then stored as safeguard for cells in the body.

It is believed that insulin is needed to control blood sugar levels in the body.There came a term in the 50s called "insulin dependent"to point out that muscle and fat needs insulin to take up glucose-that is sugar created by carbohydrate and sugary foods.However,recent studies has revealed that many different things in the body carries glucose.This is because cells needs the glucose for their cell respiration process.The body see to it that this get to the cells no matter the quantity of insulin present in the body.

Resistance to insulin is warning signal to type 2 diabetes as it is caused by highly acidic lifestyle and intake of acidic foods.This occurs in the liver,muscles and fat cells.Excess intake of caffeine,chocolate,sugar and carbohydrate stimulates these organs and tissues.As this take place,the cell start to release their glucose and this results in high levels of blood sugar that people experience when they go for test.This make the body disorganized and this highly acidic condition lead to whole lots of problem such as premature aging,high blood pressure,inhibition of the release of glycogen from the liver, and the inhibition of the burning of fat in the body.

The over stimulation of the body's tissues by acidic foods cause a lot of harm and the type 2 diabetes is a symptom of such acidic lifestyle.To get the body back to balance,you need to eat alkalizing green vegetables,green drinks and good fats in your diet.Taking plant protein from grains and legumes also do assist to bring your body back to his normal homeostasis.The pH miracle diet includes a balanced plan in eating that help your body.With this diet and its application,you can then control and prevent diabetes in a simple way of eating alkalized food and lifestyle.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What Diary Products and the pH Miracle Diet Would Do For You

There has been attempt by the pH miracle diet to check many various conditions in the body,especially obesity.This by removing acidifying foods and habits form our routine.One of the foods to remove especially for westerners is milk.The diary product is the key diet of the western people which other parts of the world don't have a key diet intake.What they don't know is that diary products are not healthy but harmful to our body.

It is believed by many that diary products are good for bone density and overall health.However,diary products do have a great amount of proteins and fat that form acid in the body when taken in.Cow milk and products from cow produce acid.For goat and sheep milk and cheese,they have less fat and protein thus produce less acid.The only exception here is the clarified butter that is alkalizing owing to the short chain fats in it.

The public health of Harvard School revealed in 2003 that an alternative pyramid to the FDA recommendations based on the imbalance that they saw in the original pyramid.Though it didn't reveal acid or alkaline foods specifically,the pyramid do shows a tendency towards alkaline foods.The different between the FDA pyramid and the Harvard pyramid is the inclusion of dairy serving or calcium supplement i time daily.The FDA recommends 2 to 3 servings daily in addition to dietary supplements.

A professor in the departments of Epidemiology and Nutrition and the chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health,Dr.Meir Stampfer stated concerning the Harvard pyramid that Americans should eat less of diary products.Although the body needs calcium but not as much as the FDA recommends.Calcium is indeed necessary for bone development and maintenance;but the average adult only needs enough calcium from a supplement.The levels of calcium that is in 2 to 3 servings daily can be harmful to the health.Having excess of calcium can cause the increase risk in cancer and there have been no proof between excessive amounts of calcium and osteoporosis prevention.

Moreover,diary is not a pure food.The diary industry has worked hard in getting many campaign that cow milk is essential and harmless.Consider this that 50 years ago,the average cow produces 2,000 pounds of milk per year and recently cows average 50,000 pounds per year. The use of drugs,antibiotics,hormone,specialized breeding had increase the production of milk so diary farmers can produce large quantities.All these additives are part of the milk we all take everyday.

An increasing number of Americans as well those following the pH miracle diet are removing diary from their diet with corresponding results.Recent studies has shown that milk is responsible for intestinal colic,intestinal irritation,anemia and allergic reactions in infants and children.We have major health problems such as allergy,ear and tonsil infection,asthma,colic and childhood diabetes in children.It also further revealed that adult suffer heart disease,arthritis,allergy and sinusitis due to the intake of conventionally produced milk.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How You Grow Old and The pH Miracle Diet

At the mention of the word "diet",many people sees it as a weight loss issue.With the rise in the incidence of obesity in our society,people has equate the word with losing weight.However,diet is any food or drinks that you take into your body.The kind of diet you eat do have a great effect on your overall health.The pH miracle diet is not just another diet out there for weight loss.It is much more as it focuses on aging too.

What does growing old have to do with pH and the acid or alkaline foods we eat?Some medical expert opined that the reason we grow old is entirely due to the amount of acidic foods we eat.The basic is that we grow old because we fail to get rid of the wastes and toxins that has built up in our body.

Our cells need to burn the nutrient we get from the food in order to get energy and maintain our body temperatures.Whatever type of food we eat,be it vegetables,meat,gourmet food,junk foods,acid or alkaline foods,they are all made of the same components which are:carbon,nitrogen,hydrogen and oxygen.

Fore our body to work well,the cell use up these nutrients and burn them up into natural acids:carbonic acids,uric acids,lactic acids and fatty acids.Then the cells get rid off these acids as wastes and urine and sweat.When our body work well and in a balance way,these waste acid don't pose any problem.The body can eliminate them quickly and easily and you have a normal pH of about 7.4.

However,the way we live in recent times as brought about our body not being able to remove the acids by themselves.Inadequate sleep,exercise,overwork,stress,smoking,pollution and high acid diets that is excessive intake of dairy products and meat has affected our body from getting rid of these acids.

More disturbing is the modern way of food production which are making our food more acidic that before.Inorganic acid minerals like chlorine,phosphor and sulfur seep into meats,grains and root crops by the way of soil,quality of air and farming practices.We now eat more inorganic acid minerals that before.Thus causing our body not being able to eliminate these acids.

The discovery of the pH miracle diet is a perfect balance to the excessive acids we eat daily that leads to premature aging.We should know that aging takes place because there is so much accumulation of acidic elements in the body.Having a healthy cells naturally have a little alkaline pH level and since acid and alkaline are chemical opposites,high acids level triggers cell damage.

To fight against this aging and its damaging effects on the cells,you need to begin to eat more of alkaline foods.Help your body to develop a better system in order to remove the acid wastes.

You can start by taking plenty of water especially acid free water.4 glasses of alkaline of water is much better and effective than 8 glasses of regular water.You can get water ionizers that help you create alkaline water in the comfort of your home.As a result,your system is free from any acidity building up within it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Role Of Acid And Alkaline Foods In Our Diet(part 2)

Nonetheless,science can deduce some general effects that the acids and alkaline triggers in our digestive system.When you take acidic foods,the acid forms in the body and make the blood,lymph and saliva more acidic and result in lower pH level.While when you eat alkaline food makes blood,lymph and saliva more alkaline and thus leads to a higher pH level.

For you information ,the normal range for saliva pH is between 7.3 and 7.4. Many people on their part are too acidic and have a pH that is at a low level.They get burned out,tired and their body long for balance.With the influence of acidic foods that muscles get tired easily.This get you to slow down because your body cannot give the same physical results as when you are in sound health.

When you eat acidic foods,there are free radical oxidation that take place thus making you grow older fast.The vitamins and minerals in the food you eat are not absorbed easily.The bacteria that aids in digestion die,thus putting your digestive system at risk.This cause your small intestine not to be able to absorb nutrients in the intestinal wall because of the high level of acidity.Your cells becomes overworked with toxins building up and it can't eliminate them.In all,your body system is almost shut down from working optimally.

On the part of eating alkaline foods, it do help in whole lots of way.It helps to improve your muscle activity.They also have antioxidant effects in your body by raising the assimilation at the cellular level and permit the cells to work in such a way that they should.The parasitic organism in your system are reduced.It enables you to sleep more and deeply too,you have more youthful skin and relieve from colds,flu and headache attacks.In all promote a huge supply of physical energy.

The prominent difference between acid and alkaline foods are their relationship to cancer.This is because cancerous tissues are acidic while the health tissues are alkaline.When oxygen get into an acidic solution,it combines with hydrogen ions to form water.Thus making oxygen to help neutralize the acid,but the acid stop oxygen from getting to the tissues where it is needed.While when oxygen enters the alkaline solution,the two hydroxyl ions get into the solution to form one water molecule and one oxygen atom.The primary oxygen atom is free to move to the next cell and bring about the benefits of oxygen to all the tissue in the body.When you are at a pH that is a little above 7.4,cancer cells becomes inactive.It has been discovered that studies that at a pH of 8.5.cancer cells die and health cells stay alive.

So,alkalizing your diet is very beneficial apart from preventing cancer.Going for alkaline foods is a great choice that would do your body a lot of good.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Role Of Acid And Alkaline Foods In Our Diet (Part 1)

The ratio or balance of the acid or alkaline in the body is in scientific terms known as the pH.And it is very vital you know that you need to keep the balance of the pH in our diet.This is because our body is basically alkaline and we need to eat food that is alkaline in component in order to lead a healthy life.If you take to eating too many acidic foods,it can leads to many health problems such as weight gain,fatigue,poor concentration,depressed immunity that could cause a whole lot of trouble for you.

Taking diet that is consist of foods that are acidic have to be avoided and the one that alkalize your system is great for you.They do help to keep the balance of the pH in your is unfortunate many people don't know how this alkaline to acidic balance affect their nutrition and health.

The cells that the food we eat are made up of is the basis of the properties of acidity or alkalinity of those foods.Thus,no external remedy can change the make up of the food from acid to alkaline.The foods all have the acidity of alkalinity right from their base.

These two chemical properties,that is acid or alkaline are complete opposite.Anytime the bases interact with acids,there arises a reaction between them which bring about salt.The laboratory experts,this reaction are simple and not complicated.But in our body,this interaction is more complex than what takes place in the lab because of the measure at which the acids and bases interact.