Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes and The pH Miracle Diet

You may not know but i will tell you that diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.More scary is that it is the leading cause of death for children.The increasing rate of obesity in the U.s and brought about the rise in type 2 diabetes also known as adult onset diabetes.In recent times,every one in 12 adults suffers from this disease.That means that over 16 millions people have the disorder with about 6 million people that ignorant and undiagnosed of their sensitive insulin condition.

The type 2 diabetes is cause by rise in aging,obesity,poor nutrition,high stress and physical inactivity.These conditions can be traced back to just one source which is high acidity.Excessive acid intake do have harmful effect on our health.That is why there is an increase in diabetes rate in the country.

Diabetes is a age long condition that has been around for thousand years and in recent times it has become an epidemic.One thing that is worrying is that the nature of diabetes is a mystery.Many don't understand what insulin does in the body and how its metabolism affect our health.Medical science found it difficult to ascertain the true nature of this condition.

Many medical experts believe that obesity is the main cause of diabetes.However,obesity is caused by the increased intake of complex carbohydrates and simple sugars that comes from the acidifying foods of sugar and processed wheat.Thus leading to high acidity in the body.The body do make attempt to fight this increase by using fat to neutralize the acid.The fat is then stored as safeguard for cells in the body.

It is believed that insulin is needed to control blood sugar levels in the body.There came a term in the 50s called "insulin dependent"to point out that muscle and fat needs insulin to take up glucose-that is sugar created by carbohydrate and sugary foods.However,recent studies has revealed that many different things in the body carries glucose.This is because cells needs the glucose for their cell respiration process.The body see to it that this get to the cells no matter the quantity of insulin present in the body.

Resistance to insulin is warning signal to type 2 diabetes as it is caused by highly acidic lifestyle and intake of acidic foods.This occurs in the liver,muscles and fat cells.Excess intake of caffeine,chocolate,sugar and carbohydrate stimulates these organs and tissues.As this take place,the cell start to release their glucose and this results in high levels of blood sugar that people experience when they go for test.This make the body disorganized and this highly acidic condition lead to whole lots of problem such as premature aging,high blood pressure,inhibition of the release of glycogen from the liver, and the inhibition of the burning of fat in the body.

The over stimulation of the body's tissues by acidic foods cause a lot of harm and the type 2 diabetes is a symptom of such acidic lifestyle.To get the body back to balance,you need to eat alkalizing green vegetables,green drinks and good fats in your diet.Taking plant protein from grains and legumes also do assist to bring your body back to his normal homeostasis.The pH miracle diet includes a balanced plan in eating that help your body.With this diet and its application,you can then control and prevent diabetes in a simple way of eating alkalized food and lifestyle.

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