Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How You Grow Old and The pH Miracle Diet

At the mention of the word "diet",many people sees it as a weight loss issue.With the rise in the incidence of obesity in our society,people has equate the word with losing weight.However,diet is any food or drinks that you take into your body.The kind of diet you eat do have a great effect on your overall health.The pH miracle diet is not just another diet out there for weight loss.It is much more as it focuses on aging too.

What does growing old have to do with pH and the acid or alkaline foods we eat?Some medical expert opined that the reason we grow old is entirely due to the amount of acidic foods we eat.The basic is that we grow old because we fail to get rid of the wastes and toxins that has built up in our body.

Our cells need to burn the nutrient we get from the food in order to get energy and maintain our body temperatures.Whatever type of food we eat,be it vegetables,meat,gourmet food,junk foods,acid or alkaline foods,they are all made of the same components which are:carbon,nitrogen,hydrogen and oxygen.

Fore our body to work well,the cell use up these nutrients and burn them up into natural acids:carbonic acids,uric acids,lactic acids and fatty acids.Then the cells get rid off these acids as wastes and urine and sweat.When our body work well and in a balance way,these waste acid don't pose any problem.The body can eliminate them quickly and easily and you have a normal pH of about 7.4.

However,the way we live in recent times as brought about our body not being able to remove the acids by themselves.Inadequate sleep,exercise,overwork,stress,smoking,pollution and high acid diets that is excessive intake of dairy products and meat has affected our body from getting rid of these acids.

More disturbing is the modern way of food production which are making our food more acidic that before.Inorganic acid minerals like chlorine,phosphor and sulfur seep into meats,grains and root crops by the way of soil,quality of air and farming practices.We now eat more inorganic acid minerals that before.Thus causing our body not being able to eliminate these acids.

The discovery of the pH miracle diet is a perfect balance to the excessive acids we eat daily that leads to premature aging.We should know that aging takes place because there is so much accumulation of acidic elements in the body.Having a healthy cells naturally have a little alkaline pH level and since acid and alkaline are chemical opposites,high acids level triggers cell damage.

To fight against this aging and its damaging effects on the cells,you need to begin to eat more of alkaline foods.Help your body to develop a better system in order to remove the acid wastes.

You can start by taking plenty of water especially acid free water.4 glasses of alkaline of water is much better and effective than 8 glasses of regular water.You can get water ionizers that help you create alkaline water in the comfort of your home.As a result,your system is free from any acidity building up within it.

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  1. Indeed the Acid Alkaline Diet will help you to get your body ph into the proper range as you start to eat the foods that will give you a slightly alkaline pH level.