Monday, May 2, 2011

The Role Of Acid And Alkaline Foods In Our Diet (Part 1)

The ratio or balance of the acid or alkaline in the body is in scientific terms known as the pH.And it is very vital you know that you need to keep the balance of the pH in our diet.This is because our body is basically alkaline and we need to eat food that is alkaline in component in order to lead a healthy life.If you take to eating too many acidic foods,it can leads to many health problems such as weight gain,fatigue,poor concentration,depressed immunity that could cause a whole lot of trouble for you.

Taking diet that is consist of foods that are acidic have to be avoided and the one that alkalize your system is great for you.They do help to keep the balance of the pH in your is unfortunate many people don't know how this alkaline to acidic balance affect their nutrition and health.

The cells that the food we eat are made up of is the basis of the properties of acidity or alkalinity of those foods.Thus,no external remedy can change the make up of the food from acid to alkaline.The foods all have the acidity of alkalinity right from their base.

These two chemical properties,that is acid or alkaline are complete opposite.Anytime the bases interact with acids,there arises a reaction between them which bring about salt.The laboratory experts,this reaction are simple and not complicated.But in our body,this interaction is more complex than what takes place in the lab because of the measure at which the acids and bases interact.


  1. The alkaline acid diet is a nutritional approach based on the premise that optimal health demands that the acid and alkaline levels in the body must be in balance. Ingested food controls these levels, with each food supplying a different degree of acidity.

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  2. On the other hand, Alkaline Diet is the complete opposite: it turns litmus paper blue, has a bitter taste, and chemically accepts hydrogen ions. When the alkaline substance is stronger, its pH level is higher.