Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Role Of Acid And Alkaline Foods In Our Diet(part 2)

Nonetheless,science can deduce some general effects that the acids and alkaline triggers in our digestive system.When you take acidic foods,the acid forms in the body and make the blood,lymph and saliva more acidic and result in lower pH level.While when you eat alkaline food makes blood,lymph and saliva more alkaline and thus leads to a higher pH level.

For you information ,the normal range for saliva pH is between 7.3 and 7.4. Many people on their part are too acidic and have a pH that is at a low level.They get burned out,tired and their body long for balance.With the influence of acidic foods that muscles get tired easily.This get you to slow down because your body cannot give the same physical results as when you are in sound health.

When you eat acidic foods,there are free radical oxidation that take place thus making you grow older fast.The vitamins and minerals in the food you eat are not absorbed easily.The bacteria that aids in digestion die,thus putting your digestive system at risk.This cause your small intestine not to be able to absorb nutrients in the intestinal wall because of the high level of acidity.Your cells becomes overworked with toxins building up and it can't eliminate them.In all,your body system is almost shut down from working optimally.

On the part of eating alkaline foods, it do help in whole lots of way.It helps to improve your muscle activity.They also have antioxidant effects in your body by raising the assimilation at the cellular level and permit the cells to work in such a way that they should.The parasitic organism in your system are reduced.It enables you to sleep more and deeply too,you have more youthful skin and relieve from colds,flu and headache attacks.In all promote a huge supply of physical energy.

The prominent difference between acid and alkaline foods are their relationship to cancer.This is because cancerous tissues are acidic while the health tissues are alkaline.When oxygen get into an acidic solution,it combines with hydrogen ions to form water.Thus making oxygen to help neutralize the acid,but the acid stop oxygen from getting to the tissues where it is needed.While when oxygen enters the alkaline solution,the two hydroxyl ions get into the solution to form one water molecule and one oxygen atom.The primary oxygen atom is free to move to the next cell and bring about the benefits of oxygen to all the tissue in the body.When you are at a pH that is a little above 7.4,cancer cells becomes inactive.It has been discovered that studies that at a pH of 8.5.cancer cells die and health cells stay alive.

So,alkalizing your diet is very beneficial apart from preventing cancer.Going for alkaline foods is a great choice that would do your body a lot of good.

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