Friday, May 6, 2011

What Diary Products and the pH Miracle Diet Would Do For You

There has been attempt by the pH miracle diet to check many various conditions in the body,especially obesity.This by removing acidifying foods and habits form our routine.One of the foods to remove especially for westerners is milk.The diary product is the key diet of the western people which other parts of the world don't have a key diet intake.What they don't know is that diary products are not healthy but harmful to our body.

It is believed by many that diary products are good for bone density and overall health.However,diary products do have a great amount of proteins and fat that form acid in the body when taken in.Cow milk and products from cow produce acid.For goat and sheep milk and cheese,they have less fat and protein thus produce less acid.The only exception here is the clarified butter that is alkalizing owing to the short chain fats in it.

The public health of Harvard School revealed in 2003 that an alternative pyramid to the FDA recommendations based on the imbalance that they saw in the original pyramid.Though it didn't reveal acid or alkaline foods specifically,the pyramid do shows a tendency towards alkaline foods.The different between the FDA pyramid and the Harvard pyramid is the inclusion of dairy serving or calcium supplement i time daily.The FDA recommends 2 to 3 servings daily in addition to dietary supplements.

A professor in the departments of Epidemiology and Nutrition and the chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health,Dr.Meir Stampfer stated concerning the Harvard pyramid that Americans should eat less of diary products.Although the body needs calcium but not as much as the FDA recommends.Calcium is indeed necessary for bone development and maintenance;but the average adult only needs enough calcium from a supplement.The levels of calcium that is in 2 to 3 servings daily can be harmful to the health.Having excess of calcium can cause the increase risk in cancer and there have been no proof between excessive amounts of calcium and osteoporosis prevention.

Moreover,diary is not a pure food.The diary industry has worked hard in getting many campaign that cow milk is essential and harmless.Consider this that 50 years ago,the average cow produces 2,000 pounds of milk per year and recently cows average 50,000 pounds per year. The use of drugs,antibiotics,hormone,specialized breeding had increase the production of milk so diary farmers can produce large quantities.All these additives are part of the milk we all take everyday.

An increasing number of Americans as well those following the pH miracle diet are removing diary from their diet with corresponding results.Recent studies has shown that milk is responsible for intestinal colic,intestinal irritation,anemia and allergic reactions in infants and children.We have major health problems such as allergy,ear and tonsil infection,asthma,colic and childhood diabetes in children.It also further revealed that adult suffer heart disease,arthritis,allergy and sinusitis due to the intake of conventionally produced milk.

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