Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fat loss Exercises For Obese People

Fat loss workouts for obese women or men do necessarily have to be long slow cardio workouts.

For obese people,fat loss will require the same strength training and interval training workout guidelines that people with advanced fat loss will follow.But in this case, the exercise and its intensity will be have to be tweaked.

Obese people have to get stronger first and then use the resistance training to build the muscle in order to do cardio type exercises.For many people they tend to do the reverse,that is they do cardio first but this could cause injury.

It is necessary to know that the strength training have to come first in order to prepare the muscle to handle the repeated stress of cardio training.

When you are on a fat loss resistance training,especially for obese people,the multi-muscle exercise comes handy here.This is done in superset pairs and then interval training comes to play.One can modify this,but is could be done.

My doctor asked me sometimes ago about how an obese man or woman can use the strength and interval training to combat fat.I told him that the best thing i could recommend for an inactive obese person is to go on strength and interval training.This is far better than telling him to go on a 30-60 minutes run every day.

i have taken time to develop a kind of strength and interval training system for men and women of about 14-75 years of age.These men or women have 300 pounds and 225 pounds respectively.

However,i do allow their doctor to approve it before i get them on this kind of training.This sort of training is good for inactive people to start with.

The first phase of the training is done with 90% of the exercises done lying on the ground.Thee people are amazed at how hard this lying on the ground exercise can be,but it is the right start for inactive obese people.

One thing i have to mention here is that nutrition plays a key role in fat loss in the first couple of weeks as they get back to exercise.

These people will have their fat level reduced having cut down on food that is processed and with much sugar.They then need the exercise program that will build them up for the future training routine.which strength and interval training does.

If inactive people get into a serious cardio program just like that,they would end up in the doctor's office with in juries due to overuse.

So,take time to carefully choose your fat loss program before starting at all.
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The Harmful Effects of Abdominal Adiposity

Excessive belly fat can't be taken lightly,this is because it affects your health much more than just you having a protruding belly.

Research by the medical journal that was published shows that there is a close relationship between the lung function and the overall weight and abdominal adiposity in more than 2000 adults in the New york alone.

It was revealed that abdominal adiposity better predicts the function of the lung than do the weight or body mass shows also that the increasing obesity ,especially abdominal adiposity is indirectly related to the lung function.

For instance,women with large waist length and abdominal height i.e base to top belly measurement are more likely to have a poor lung function.

The abdominal adiposity that is found around the organs or visceral fats i.e the stubborn fats within the tissues can cause unwanted blood clotting and irregular formation in the blood vessels,thus bringing about an incidence of heart failure or stroke when the it ruptures and the vessels get blocked.

That is the reason abdominal adiposity is one of the causes of Metabolic syndrome, a critical risk factor for cardio vascular diseases.

Medical experts do agree that the obesity problem that lingers may be necessitated by Metabolic syndrome that could overtake cigarette smoking as the main risk factor for cardio vascular diseases.

The international journal of cancer has proved by examination that women with large waist length are at a higher risk of colon cancer.

This research having been carried out for 10 years,revealed that out of 24,000 women,212 of them were diagnosed with colon cancer during the follow -up check.

I t was discovered that the central adiposity which is estimated by the waist length and waist-to -hip ratio when it rises,the risk of colon cancer do too.

This is could as a result of lack of exercise that could have increased the rate of the risk of colon cancer.The researchers also think that a fat-related hormone known as leptin could have caused the colon cancer.

Although,the researches carried out revealed that women with belly fat do run a higher risk of some damaging diseases,men also are not left out in having such harmful diseases if they allow belly fat in their body.

In a nutshell,whether you are a man or woman,you should make effort to remove all kind of belly fat which is the panacea to a healthier and a longer life.

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