Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soy Protein Vs Whey Protein-The Best Protein Diet Contest

Soy protein vs whey protein

There has been an age long battle between soy protein vs whey protein. It got many people really curious in knowing which will win the showdown.This is because there no popular protein than these two-soy protein and whey protein.Despite both of them being protein,there some obvious differences that every body builder or athlete should know about.There is no body who don't want to see result for his work out and diet programs.

Let me begin by giving you some list of popular types of protein-

Soy protein

Soy protein has become popular over the years especially with the advent of "Green living"and a lot of people re now becoming vegetarian.That s why soy is the rave among protein.This is not say that soy protein don't help in body building,it is even recommended that one should take some more soy protein in their diets.This is because it help in preventing some cancer as well as provides amino acids to help build your muscle.

Whey protein

For body builders,whey protein is the king of all protein.The by product in form of cheese is well known for helping people add more muscle and it helps the body from going into catabolic state,that is a muscle wasting condition.

Now which is the best between the two?

It is obvious that both soy and whey protein has their benefits,but which one is better is one questions that is a bit difficult to answer.Anyway,if you really want to know which is more beneficial in terms of gaining muscle mass,whey protein ranks high.It is more readily absorbed into the blood stream,therefore, it is important for any plan to add more muscle mass. Whey is gotten form milk and is taken as protein powder,so it is convenient and easy to get.

However,soy protein is not without its own benefits.Even if it doesn't help to build as much muscle mass,you still need as part of your overall diet for health and vitality.You can take two serving of soy protein daily but watch out that you don't take excess of it because it might inhibit muscle growth.

It is advisable to have diet that is rich in wide varieties of proteins,but if you really want to ad muscle mass,whey protein should be more in your diet. Be it form protein powder or a ready to drink supplement,you must see that you take more of whey protein than soy protein.


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  2. Thanks for sharing the differentiate between Soy Protein Vs Whey Protein. That's true that if we would like to build up our muscles and tissues, whey protein is the best option for that. Thanks again.

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